This page shows a few of my selected projects and research work in Computer Science. For a comprehensive list of all the things I have done please visit my github profile kp96.


University of California, San Diego

VIT University, India


SDE Intern, Mulesoft (A Salesforce Company)

Part of the AnypointMQ team that maintains the message queue feature of Mulesoft’s AnyPoint platform. Anypoint Message Queue is a Distributed Message Queue datastructure that comes with a drag and drop connector as a part of Mulesoft’s Anypoint Studio. I was involved with developing the full stack feature of delay queues and am currently working on message groups feature. I also worked on our internal tools and testing frameworks in the spare time to make the ops work easier.

Technologies Used: SpringBoot, React, Node.js, Jenkins, Docker.

SDE Intern, Postman

Technologies Used: Node.js, Redis

Intern, Microsoft

Technologies Used: C#, Xamarin, Node.js, PowerBI